We specialize in crafting mouth-watering food and providing superb customer service. Order online for delivery or pickup! As the best cafe in Nashville we have a responsibility to uphold with every cup of coffee we hand out to each person, each day. Our ability to serve up the best coffee in Nashville day in and day out comes down to us sourcing the best coffee beans in Nashville! Not only is our coffee freshly roasted everyday in Nashville but our coffee beans are ethically sourced through fair trade means. We are a family owned and operated best family restaurant in Nashville and beleive in supporting other local producers and farmers that provide us with a great product because without them we wouldn't exist. When not roasting the best coffee shops in Nashville we also serve up the best Mediterranean food in Nashville.

Coffee lovers, let’s get brewing! Making a great cup of coffee involves understanding the different types of coffee beverages, what ingredients are needed and how to bring it all together to create that perfect blend.

Americano: A true American favorite. An Americano is made with equal parts espresso and hot water. It has a strong flavor that can be enjoyed black or with milk or creamer for added sweetness. In order to make an Americano, start by pulling one shot of espresso or two if you prefer your coffee stronger. Make sure you then add in hot water until the desired strength is reached. Top off with some foam for an extra special touch.

Macchiato: A macchiato is espresso with a dollop of steamed milk. This coffee beverage is slightly sweet and creamy, perfect for those who don’t like their coffee too strong. To make a macchiato, start by pulling one shot of espresso into an espresso cup. Then add a small amount of steamed milk to the cup. Gently stir together and enjoy!

Cappuccino: Cappuccinos are made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam. They have a rich flavor that makes them the perfect pick-me-up in the morning or anytime during the day. To make a cappuccino, start by pouring one shot of

Espresso: The espresso requires more specialized equipment than other types of coffee drinks but the result is always worth it. An espresso is made by forcing hot water through tightly packed ground coffee beans to extract a highly concentrated shot of liquid with a thick creamy top layer known as crema. To make an espresso, fill the portafilter with finely ground coffee, tamp it down and attach it to your machine. Pull one or two shots depending on your preference, add in some steamed milk and enjoy!

Latte: A latte is a combination of espresso and steamed milk that can be served hot or cold for a refreshing drink. For a perfect cup of latte, start by pulling two shots of espresso onto freshly steamed milk. Top off with foam and/or flavorings like cinnamon, chocolate syrup or caramel for a delicious treat.

Mocha: A mocha is similar to a latte with the addition of chocolate for an extra sweet flavor. To make a mocha, pull two shots of espresso, add in hot milk and top off with some chocolate syrup or powder. If you like your drink sweeter, try adding some cream or flavored syrups. Once everything is combined, give it one more good stir and enjoy!

Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa is perfect for those cold days when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with something warm and comforting. Start by making a double shot of espresso, then add in warm milk and top off with some cocoa powder or chocolate chips. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add some sugar or honey before stirring everything together and enjoying your hot cocoa.

No matter which type of coffee beverage you choose to make, the key is to experiment and make sure it's just how you like it! With these simple steps, you can be sure that your perfect cup of coffee will be ready in no time. So let’s get brewing! Happy sipping!

We even have a Monthly Coffee Subscription service through Coffee Communities that you can subscribe to! We beleive our we serve up the best of all the worlds and hope you stop in and give our little Nashville restaurant a try!

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